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QueryHunter x RankMath Conflict [SOLVED]


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I don't use rank math and had an alert of a fatal error, I did email you twice about this but haven't heard a thing from you, very disappointed by this.

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HI Joe, I did run into some problems, so wanted to download the latest version. But I need a bit of guidance. I have the previous version installed. Do I deactivate and delete that one and than add the new version to WP? And the Google API stays the same, right? No actions needed when it comes to google?

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Jan-Willem Rossée

Hi Joe, when checking the version number it still states 3.8.9 same as the old one. Sure the new version is online?

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Could you please provide more details on the conflict? Is it just RankMath or also RankMath Pro? I don't see any issues but not sure where to look.

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agree also need help,

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