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I tried the free version yesterday. Really wanted it to work and it gave me fits for hours. Today, when the pro-version came out, I purchased it. Despite the fits. Because I really, really, REALLY want it to work. I have it installed. Did some troubleshooting. It does NOT play nice with Easy Digital Downloads. Just FYI. I deactivated and activated all my plugins, one by one. When EDD is active, it gives a critical error and craps itself. Thought you should know.

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Hello, I bought the plugin and I find it very complete, and I have some suggestion, (if I may). It would be great if there was a place to put the prompt phrases to generate, since I use it for websites in languages other than English. I have been able to change it by code but it would be nice if it could be changed in some text field. It would also be great to change the engine, since using gpt-4 (if you have it enabled) would also be useful. Finally, there is an incompatibility with the RankMath "instant indexing" plugin. If you have both plugins enabled, when you save a post, the page errors. Thank you very much!

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Does the pro version include help to trouble shoot installation problems ? I cannot get the free version to work on one of my sites unfortunately….

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