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Query Hunter

Joe Davies
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Do you have an established website receiving traffic?

The quickest way to multiply your traffic is to refine your top performing pages and posts on a regular basis, by adding content for under-served queries that you’re already being found for.

This is typically done by analysing Google Search Console queries for your top performing pages and looking for low hanging fruit opportunities where new search queries can be worked into the content.

This can be very tedious, flicking from tab to tab, hammering command+search and sorting data.

Query Hunter is a free WordPress plugin that streamlines this process!

How To Use Query Hunter to Streamline Content Refining

At post or page level, you have a panel in which all of the search queries for that post are displayed. With handy filters such as ‘No mentions’, ‘Low CTR’ and sortable columns, it becomes easy to make some great decisions for content refining.

See which queries have the following attributes:

High impressions, but low clicks – Low CTR

Queries that have high impressions but low clicks could mean that you are under-serving the query.

Google thinks you’re page has the answer, but you’re potentially not covering it, describe the topic in a different way, or don’t have the on-page content to show up in the SERP description.

  • Consider adding a section that serves this query.
  • Consider adding different ways of describing the topic to satisfy this query.
  • Consider creating a new page and link to it from this page that is already ranking to create the start (or extension) of a topical hub.

Ranking on 2nd or 3rd page

Queries on the 2nd or 3rd page could potentially be lacking relevance. Consider expanding the content serving this query and its variations. Dedicate a whole section to the query or cover it in more depth.

Queries not mentioned on your page at all

When queries are not mentioned on your page at all, but are doing well, this is a great sign. Google and users love you for this query even if you don’t mention it.

You may mention variations of the query, but you can consider adding the exact match term on your page to increase relevance and click through.


A useful data point, Mentions, lets you know how many times a query is mentioned in the content. This data point set against other metrics such as impressions, can give you an indication of whether you need to cover the topic, or mention it more times in the page to increase relevance.

Export Feature

We recommend to use the export feature, to export a CSV of the data before and after making changes, and note the date to track traffic increases.

Ongoing Refining Process

The idea is to add 5-20 new terms to top performing posts with supporting content using the methodologies above. Repeat and refine every few months.



Why is it free?

To be honest, it’s still very much in beta, and whilst it has most of the core functionality to make it super useful, there’s lots that can be added. Perhaps a version 2 with more features could be sold. Right now I don’t fancy marketing a paid plug in, and supporting it.

I built this for myself and thought it would be useful to share. I could also start building an audience of SEO and content site owners to my mailing list this way.

Do you have plans for more features?

Potentially. A dashboard with overall data for the site would be nice, showing you posts with the biggest potential. There’s also scope to connect to more data sources for search volume, links or keyword difficulty. I’d also like it to track changes and improvements somehow. Right now, it’s a free simple plug in with no frills.

Will you steal my data?

No. This plugin and the data processed is confined within your install and your own API.

How do I set it up?

I will send you full video and text instructions, it’s easy!

I want this!

Query Hunter Plugin

Systemize 'content refining' by cross referencing Search Console query data with your post content - right within Wordpress
identify under-served queries easily
Filter sort and search by impressions, CTR, mentions, clicks and position
Export data to CSV


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