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I recently tweeted this...

Ever feel like you have no organisation with your content sites?

Do you have a content database to know exactly what's live and what's planned on your website?

Do you have writer and publishing briefs to ensure consistent and predictable quality posts at scale?

I got into a mess when one of my sites had 3 writers and over 200 posts.

I had around 7-8 different half baked writer briefs, hard to find deep in my Google Drive.

I was lost with what I had published on the site. I didn't know what was live, what was planned. Everything was messy.

I decided to do something about it and create a few very simple documents for me, or my VA to work from.

This gave me enormous clarity, a birds-eye view of everything going on. It also helped me become more efficient and scalable.

It's minimalistic and doesn't rely on fancy tools.

I am sharing today the very docs I use everyday to operate my sites...

Introducing ContentSiteOS...

Inside ContentSiteOS are the essential documents and spreadsheets you need from day one of your content site. Including...

Writer MasterTemplate™

Imagine have one document for yourself or your writers that explains your website goals, writing guidelines and structure templates without being messy?

You'll be able to hand off projects to your writers by just giving them a topic and this document, that's it.

Depending on the kind of article they are writing, the document will guide them to a specific template and structure. Everything from list posts, question posts, to reviews and even news articles.

Disposable Writer Template

Sometimes you need to take more care over certain content pieces. Pillar posts, skyscraper posts etc. Or maybe for your whole site you need to dictate the exact subtopics, tone and more for each content piece. Here’s where the disposable writer template comes in.

Publisher Guidelines & Checklist

Publishing guidelines give you or your VA a checklist to go through to ensure all things SEO/Images/formatting are taken care of. This includes creating nice URL’s, good images, embeds, internal links and more.

Content Database

The content database is the living breathing central hub of your content site, completely filterable to avoid any overwhelm if you have a large site. You'll be able to import your existing site into the database, I'll show you how.

  • Know every single piece of content live or planned and associated costs, writers, keywords and more
  • Easy access links to your writer sheets or profiles
  • Have important information at hand
  • A log of everything done on your site and date

All of this is included from a single file you can click 'copy' and get your own versions to customise to your own workflow.

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase and try it out, and don't feel this can make your operation more efficient & organised, just drop me an email, no hard feelings, I will refund you, no questions.

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ContentSiteOS - Documents, spreadsheets & templates you need from day one.

Writer MasterTemplate™ & Guidelines
This one document has every template your writer will ever need. Use this one doc over and over again.
Disposable Writer Template
Want to micromanage a writing project? Use this template to get specific with one project.
Publishing Guidelines
A checklist style set of instructions for publishing each post, including formatting, SEO, images and internal linking.
Content Database
A living breathing spreadsheet of every piece of content live or planned.
Money Back Guarantee
Doesn't work for you? That's fine. Just email and I'll refund you, no hard feelings.
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